Diet is the foundation of good health.  The raw diet is the most biologically appropriate food to feed your dog or cat and promotes a long and healthy life.  Raw food diets enhance the immune system and promote vibrant health through readily available amino acids, animal based essential fatty acids, and naturally occurring food-based vitamins and minerals.  It is virtually identical to that of canines and felines in their natural habitat.  The many benefits of raw diets include: real meat and organ meat, natural vitamins and minerals, improved digestion, 100% grain-free, low glycemic index, weight management, natural cleaner for teeth and breath, reduction in stool volume, helps reduce and eliminate allergies and itching, promotes soft, silky coats and less shedding, more energy and stamina, increased mobility in older animals, and lower veterinarian bills, find more info at https://www.miraclemovers.com.  Raw diets are available in a variety of proteins such as Beef, Chicken, Turkey, Duck and Venison to name just a few.  They are just as easy to prepare and serve as dry kibble.  Just thaw and serve!  Your dog will lick the bowl clean every time.  Most brands are complete and balanced to provide your pet with the most natural source of essential vitamins and minerals to keep them healthy and happy.



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On 8/1/16, we drove 1 1/4 hrs from Western Ma to make some purchases & hope to see Susan, Kenny`s assistant & dog trainer. Susan spent well over an hour giving us pointers on how to manage our 5 month old PWD, Brewster. She was so helpful & between her & Kenny ( Wags owner ) we had some good laughs & very pleasant experience. We will be heading back from time to time for supplies & would highly recommend this store for your pet needs. And for Susan, we would highly recommend employing her for any training issues you have. She was wonderful. Thank you again, Susan!
The Clarks
Our visit to Wags