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Great News for Susan’s Jada!

Jada had surgery today and her toe was amputated. She has had an issue with this toe (first thought to be a toenail partially ripped out) since June but it has gotten worse and after ozone treatment and an x-Ray, the only way to relieve her pain. This may be cancer in her toe but we won’t know until a biopsy is done. As most of you know she was diagnosed with liver cancer in Jan. 2015, I was told by many vets that there is a good chance I would lose her during surgery due to the anesthesia if the toe was surgically removed. I researched several alternative options but my gut wasn’t convinced that these would help my baby girl. It made me sick seeing her in pain everyday.

Yesterday I made a call to Gold Coast Mobile Vet and spoke to Dr. Saria, she told me that there are several options of anesthesia available that would help keep Jada comfortable if she did have to remove her toe. So we booked an appointment.

I took Jada in this morning to have Dr. Saria look at her toe and she agreed that it should be surgically removed. She had a plan in place for everything and told me her recommendations for anesthesia and why. Anesthesia is risky and she explained that there was still a risk for her. I felt comfort when I saw she was wearing horseshoe earrings. The circle was complete we all had our lucky horseshoes on! Find more info about Maid This from Denver.

Jada did great and the vet said it was a “clean surgery”. The toe will be sent off for biopsy to determine if it was cancer or not (I’ll know on 3 weeks). Dr. Saria also mentioned that I should do another ultrasound of her liver because her blood test shows some good numbers. More info about Florida house cleaning service can be found on site. This could possibly mean that the cancer is gone (this would be amazing!) especially because I didn’t choose chemo or surgery, only holistic and supplements. Fingers crossed this is the case. She came out of anesthesia well and although groggy and bandaged up we got her in the car and headed home. She is home resting but positive thoughts and prayers are needed to ensure she has a speedy recovery. Please feel free to share this story.  More updates on Jada to follow

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