These videos are created by experts for whom we have a lot of respect. Each time we watch them we glean more knowledge.  We find them as great resources, extremely helpful in solving a variety of pet maladies we encounter every week.

This is a great video where internationally renowned natural health physician and founder Dr. Joseph Mercola interviews Dr. Karen Becker about pet foods.
Coconut oil in your pet’s food.
Dr. Karen Becker discusses yeast overload in dogs.


How to stop your puppy from biting
On 8/1/16, we drove 1 1/4 hrs from Western Ma to make some purchases & hope to see Susan, Kenny`s assistant & dog trainer. Susan spent well over an hour giving us pointers on how to manage our 5 month old PWD, Brewster. She was so helpful & between her & Kenny ( Wags owner ) we had some good laughs & very pleasant experience. We will be heading back from time to time for supplies & would highly recommend this store for your pet needs. And for Susan, we would highly recommend employing her for any training issues you have. She was wonderful. Thank you again, Susan!
The Clarks
Our visit to Wags