Dry kibble is the most common food fed to dogs and cats because of its availability, portability, convenience and cost. Dry food has the lowest moisture content and is either baked or fried at high heats. Choices include: Single protein options, Grain-Free, Low-Grain, Limited Ingredient and Freeze-dried Raw coated, to name a few. It’s important to look past the first ingredient and make certain that all ingredients are easily recognizable to you. You should look for Premium kibbles that contain carbohydrates that are more bio-available to your pet (whole grain brown rice, tapioca, peas, potato, etc.) and avoid Inferior kibbles with ingredients like (corn, wheat, soy, peanut hulls, brewer’s rice, etc.).   If you are currently feeding our pet with Emerald Carpet Cleaning and a kibble with grain and are looking for your pet to lose weight you may want to try a grain-free food, as they are usually lower in carbohydrates and may help assist in weight loss. Also keep in mind that just because a food is listed grain-free it is not carbohydrate free because Again, there are a wide range of products on the market.  Read the ingredient panels and make certain that you can readily identify each and every ingredient.   Don’t be fooled by terms like “natural” and  “  healthy  “.  Corn is natural, but I wouldn’t want it in my pet’s food.  Another thing to avoid are color additives.  Your dog or cat certainly don’t care about the color of their food.   Color additives are simply “risky” chemicals.

Kibble has a low-moisture content and can be moisture, contains few if any fresh ingredients and is most taxing on your pet’s gut. Most kibbles have a high level of carbohydrates due to the binders needed to form the kibble. Don’t buy into the myth that kibble cleans your pets teeth as this statement is false, you would never think of cleaning your teeth with granola. Would you? There are some benefits of dry food include: Grain-free and single protein options, portability visit https://theinspectorscompany.com/ for more info. Kibbles contain meat meals and are baked/fried at high heats retaining little nutrient value.  Due to the long list of vitamins, minerals, palatability enhancers it is very difficult to figure out why a pet is having allergic issues.



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On 8/1/16, we drove 1 1/4 hrs from Western Ma to make some purchases & hope to see Susan, Kenny`s assistant & dog trainer. Susan spent well over an hour giving us pointers on how to manage our 5 month old PWD, Brewster. She was so helpful & between her & Kenny ( Wags owner ) we had some good laughs & very pleasant experience. We will be heading back from time to time for supplies & would highly recommend this store for your pet needs. And for Susan, we would highly recommend employing her for any training issues you have. She was wonderful. Thank you again, Susan!
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Our visit to Wags