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 Henry is a two and a half month old Golden Retriever puppy.  He bounced into WAGS yesterday afternoon to pick up a K9 Naturals Junior Wolverines and an Iclandic+ Lamb Horn to chew on.   He also grabbed an assortment of Weruva Cat Cans for his housemates, along with World’s Best Cat Litter.   He is a big bundle of energy and  enjoyed his visit so much that he didn’t want to leave.     Beautiful pup!


 Finley is a very sweet ten week old Cavapoo.  He was just adopted by a wonderful Simsbury family and came in to meet us and get a custom harness fitting.  Finley tried a few treats, picked out his first toy and got his first elk antler and Iclandic+ Lamb Horn to chew on.  It was so nice to meet Finley and we look forward to seeing him again soon.


 Lily is a two year old rescue from Texas.  She was adopted by a wonderful Simsbury family and came in this morning for her first visit to WAGS.  She is incredibly sweet and well trained.  Lily loves her new food, Farmina N&D Pumpkin Chicken and Ancestral Grain Chicken.  Her owner likes her Planet Dog Hemp Leash and Lily enjoys her Earth Animal No Hide Beef Chew.  Lucky Lily!


 Duke is a thirteen week old Havanese pup who came in this afternoon for a larger bag of Farmina N&D Pumpkin Lamb Puppy.  Duke loves the taste and this food provides little pups with everything they need to develop into happy and healthy adulthood.  He visited a bit with Fenway and we talked about all natural flea & tick prevention options available here at WAGS.  Gorgeous pup!

Pebble 2

 Simba is a three month old Beagle who loves Health Extension Original Chicken dry and Chicken canned foods.  He is a wonderful puppy and came in today for a nail trim and a new toy.  He picked out a Purple Pebble Soft Pretzel Fleece Toy and just ran around the store shaking it around.  He liked it so much making it difficult to take his picture.  Great pup!


 Lucy is a very lucky, eight year old Beagle who was adopted the other day by a wonderful West Hartford family.  She came in today to meet us and get her started on better foods and treats.  Lucy was found roaming in Tennessee and is a bit skittish, but she quickly warmed up to us at WAGS when we offered her our 100% USA Elk Jerky.  She didn’t care much for any dry kibble foods offered, but gladly ate the treats.  She did like Freeze Dried Raw and canned food, so she went home with Evanger’s Chicken & Rice Dinner to start.  Lucy also picked up some Skout’s Honor Shampoo and a Conair Pin Brush to get all cleaned up.   Such a great and gentle dog and such a great family to take her in!


 Lexi is a beautiful, one year old King Charles Cavalier pup.  She came in for a custom fit Blue-9 Balance Harness with Susan Conly.  These harnesses are very comfortable and attach at the chest to lessen pressure on the neck which could result in damage to the trachea.  These harnesses are ideal for dogs and pups that like to pull their owners.  Come on in to have your dog custom fitted.


 Ollie is a beautiful, one year old Cocker Spaniel who loves both Farmina N&D Pumpkin Lamb and Fromm Adult Gold dry foods.  She popped in this morning to see us and pick up some Earth Animal No-Hide Chews.  She enjoyed her visit, munched on several treats and talked about some more training with Susan Conly.  Come back soon!


 Mia stopped in today and reminded us that she was actually adopted here at WAGS several years back.   She is now seven years old and enjoys Farmina Low Grain Dry kibble.  Mia picked up some Stella & Chewy’s FD Chicken for herself and a variety of Hound & Gatos Cat Cans for her housemates.  She looks very happy to be here!


 Jameson is almost two years old and has been eating Vet’s Choice Health Extension Chicken Original.  He came in today for a bottle of Dr. Harvey’s Ear Wash to help keep his ears clean in this humid weather and some treats including Orijen, Bixbi and Darford.  He is so handsome!


On 8/1/16, we drove 1 1/4 hrs from Western Ma to make some purchases & hope to see Susan, Kenny`s assistant & dog trainer. Susan spent well over an hour giving us pointers on how to manage our 5 month old PWD, Brewster. She was so helpful & between her & Kenny ( Wags owner ) we had some good laughs & very pleasant experience. We will be heading back from time to time for supplies & would highly recommend this store for your pet needs. And for Susan, we would highly recommend employing her for any training issues you have. She was wonderful. Thank you again, Susan!

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